19 Facts About Freddie Mercury And Queen That Even Their Biggest Fans Don’t Know

By Ryan Unger
Boredom Therapy Staff

Even if you skipped the part of history class where you learned about world famous astronomer Galileo, Queen's the reason you've heard of him. When lead singer Freddie Mercury belts out the obscure lyrics of "Bohemian Rhapsody," you instantly understand how the band cemented itself into rock's history books.

Mercury and the rest of Queen's members have enamored fans for decades with their classic hits and mesmerizing stage presence. Whether you're a Queen superfan or simply someone who knows the chorus of "We Are The Champions," you'll feel like part of the band after reading these facts!

1. Lead singer Freddie Mercury, whose birth name was Farrokh Bulsara, was born on the Zanzibar islands in 1946 to parents who worked for the British government. They had no idea they were raising a child who would one day take over the world of rock.
2. Although Mercury was born in Zanzibar, he attended school in Mumbai, where he realized he had a knack for the piano. He also joined his very first band, The Hectics. His journey to the top of the music game had begun.
3. One of the first major bands Mercury joined was called Smile. In the group, he met future Queen band mates Brian May and Roger Summers. Apparently, he would constantly talk about how he was going to be a huge pop star.
4. Mercury finally got the chance to lead Smile after the singer quit, and he did so with power. The band renamed themselves Queen, and people quickly fell in love with Mercury's prodigious vocals.
5. It's hard to picture Queen releasing an album that no one buys, but the first self-titled record they put out struggled to hit high numbers. This was because not many people had heard of the band yet.
6. The band members' degrees are so varied they could start a small college: Brian May has a PhD in physics and astronomy, John Deacon has a doctorate in electronics, Roger Taylor is a trained dentist, and Freddie Mercury held a degree in graphic art.