Family Gets Their Hands On Old Military Helicopter And Transforms It Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

By Evelyn H. Armstrong
Boredom Therapy Staff

When you go away on a vacation, usually your hotel isn't the main attraction. Sure, you want to stay somewhere that's convenient and safe and comfortable, but that's about it. After all, you won't be spending much of your time there—not on a well-planned vacation, anyway!

There are some hoteliers who are looking to change all of that. Rather than use traditional buildings for their hotels, they're thinking outside the box. One family in Scotland was so inspired by this trend that they created a getaway that will make you want to never leave your hotel room...

When a family of farmers in Sterling, Scotland, decided to venture into the hospitality business, they really wanted to stand out. Rather than follow a more traditional path like their competitors, Martin Steadman and his wife made a rather strange purchase...
That purchase? A decommissioned Royal Navy search-and-rescue helicopter—which they promptly transformed into a tiny hotel! They paid $9,121 for it and then spent an additional $52,120 to transport the helicopter and renovate their farm to accommodate it.
While those costs might seem considerable, they were nothing compared to the cost of actually building and decorating the brand-new hotel. Thankfully, this ingenious idea was guaranteed to bring in guests. So, are you ready to take a tour of the finished hotel?
Martin handled all of the reconstruction himself to save on expenses. He preserved some of the existing features of the chopper—including the dashboard, switches, and pedals on the floor of the cockpit—to give the accommodations more character.
But that was just the beginning! Martin replaced the pilots' seats with stylish and cozy benches. He also added a sliding door to open up the small space to the rest of the property where the helicopter was docked.
The body of the helicopter itself was transformed into the mini-hotel's living quarters, complete with a beautifully appointed kitchenette. Who wouldn't want to stay here at least for a night? It's so chic.