21 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Old Prescription Pill Bottles

By Maggie Watson
Boredom Therapy Staff

If you take medications and supplements, you've faced the dilemma of what to do with all your old, empty pill bottles. After all, it seems like such a waste to just throw them out when they're empty.

But did you know that those little plastic bottles have so many different, fabulous uses? That's right, they do!

Check out just a few creative ideas to keep these bottles away from the trash can... and on the way to your next crafting adventure.

1. Why waste money on a fancy makeup brush holder when you can just make one? It may seem obvious, but we’re willing to bet you never considered doing so until right now. Using a pill bottle as a brush holder is surely going to make your life much more simple.
2. Giving earrings (or something equally tiny) as a gift? With a little imagination, pill bottles can make for the perfect gift box! You can create fun and intricate designs by using nail polish and making each bottle distinct from the other.
3. Amp up the glitter factor on your multi-vitamin storage container. All of your friends are going to think that you purchased your cases from a fashion designer. With some rhinestones, your pill bottles will be so stylish!
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4. Organize your spices once and for all with your empty pill bottles. All you have to do is replace the labels with the names of the spices, and you'll have uniformly sized containers for all of your favorite spices for cooking!
5. Keep your desk neat and tidy! Each and every thing on your desk can find a new, cozy home inside an empty pill bottle, and different-sized containers can be used for a variety of objects. How perfect is that?
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6. Never deal with knotted ear buds again. Just wrap them up and slide them into a pill bottle that you can keep in your backpack or pocketbook. While you're at it, go ahead and decorate it so that it will be easy to find the next time you’d like to listen to music hassle-free.