Budget-Friendly Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean

By Dan Fitzpatrick
Boredom Therapy Staff

While we’d all love to live in a perfectly clean home, actually getting everything in your house spick and span is much easier said than done! No one — well, almost no one — really loves to roll up their sleeves and dig into the mess. And chances are that you don't have your own maid or butler.

Luckily, a few clever corner-cutters have figured out ways to make cleaning a heck of a lot simplier. These hints and tricks make it easy to have every inch of your home sparkling. And the best part? You probably already have everything that you need to get started!

1. This tip may seem a little bit counter-intuitive, but ketchup actually works as an effective polish for silverware and stainless steel or copper pots and pans. Simply squirt a little on, scrub with a scouring pad, and rinse the residue away with warm water.

2. Propping up dish sponges with binder clips is a great way to keep them on your sink without taking up so much space. As an added bonus, this method of storage helps air-dry them quickly, which is more sanitary!

Flickr / Spoon University

3. It can be hard to clean your chrome faucets and water fixtures without leaving streaks or unsightly water marks. One easy-peasy solution? Buff away smudges and grime by rubbing your faucets with a sheet of wax paper.


4. Just because your vacuum cleaner filter is dirty doesn't mean it needs to be replaced. Simply run your vacuum filters through the dishwasher, and then let them air-dry! However, you might not want to put your dishes and silverware in there at the same time.

A Girl And Her Needle

5. Cleaning your toaster or any other stainless steel appliance is super easy! Pour some cream of tartar on a sponge and, with a little elbow grease, you can make that toaster nice and shiny again.

A Real-Life Housewife

6. The best cast iron skillets retain their seasoning between uses. If you want to clean your cast iron pans without losing that flavor, scrub them with ordinary salt! You can really get in there by rubbing the salt in with half a potato, too.